i’m baaaaaaack

July 8, 2012

Sorry for the long hiatus!! There really wasn’t much going on other than wedding planning taking over my life. If you really must know, this is what I’ve been doing during my time away:

Wedding planning, researching, Pinteresting, etc.

Fascinating, right? I’ve been doing that and quite a bit of this as well:

They want HOW MUCH for this shit?!

But to thank you for your patience, this will be an extra long post :)

So I purchased my Theysken’s Theory messenger bag last year for my birthday and the straps were too long – the bag came almost to my knees. Consequently, I haven’t worn it that much because the proportions weren’t correct so I finally decided to do something about it.

{ Leather Hole Punch Semi-DIY }

Step One: Buy a hole punch. The exact one I purchased is here.

Step Two: Choose the proper cutting bit and squeeze down with as much force as you can while rotating the strap back and forth. Repeat if necessary until you get a clean cut.

You’re done! The new hole is the one farthest to the right – it matches perfectly!

I made sure to get a heavy-duty one (the rotating ones aren’t as sturdy) so that it gets a nice clean cut as you can see. I call this a semi-DIY because it’s really self explanatory but it’s a good idea to own a leather hole punch so that you can fix belts, purse straps, shoes straps, etc. without having to pay someone each time or have it sit in your closet forever.

Now that my bag is fixed, I paired it with what I call my “summer suit”:

Apostrophe blazer, H&M tank, Club Monaco shorts, BCBG heels, Theysken’s Theory bag

And last but not least, I leave you with one of my LOLdog creations. I wake up every morning to this:

Ok see you guys sooner than later this time :)

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  1. Love! Miss u! Gluck w the wedding! Xoxo

    • thank you, mirage!! miss you too! xxo

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